Through our resources and contacts, Diplomacy Society provides endless opportunities and avenues for those wishing to pursue an international career.


We’ll be hosting interactive workshops and training sessions, alongside events with high-profile speakers, to develop an in-depth understanding about the diplomatic field.


Our diverse social events and networking opportunities are a fantastic way to meet the team and other Diplomacy Society members.


From becoming a society member, to working with the committee or writing for the society’s journal ‘The Diplomat’, there are so many ways to get involved.



UCL Diplomacy Society is proud to provide a space where students, who are passionate about diplomacy and international relations, can immerse themselves into this incredibly diverse field. We are committed to ensuring that students have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and learn from those who are members of this community. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we have remained determined in making sure this society operates as usual! We will continue organising high-profile speaker events, roundtable discussions, networking events and interactive socials. 


What’s more, we are excited to announce the new name of our society’s journal: The Diplomacy Review. The journal serves as a platform for students to share their unique opinions about today’s political climate and the realm of diplomacy. Through our submission form on this website, any UCL student is welcome to submit an article to be featured on our page. Alongside student submissions, we have a fantastic team working with the journal this year to produce new and exciting content. Be sure to follow our social media pages below for the latest updates and opportunities!